One Point Interior Perspective

[Stop Animation]

This diagram uses many of the concepts introduced in the first section of the Art Studio Chalkboard. This interior space was drawn using one-point perspective.

Based on a Square

  • The entire structure of this house interior is based on a simple square. By establishing the placement of the square it helps to set a foundation for the rest of the grid system. Once the horizonline and vanishing point is established.
  • After establishing the square it can be used to define a floor grid that can be expanded to the walls and ceiling. The rear wall grid is created by simple verticals and horizontals because no perpective is necessary.
  • The arched doorway in the right wall was created using a circle in perspective. The top half of the circle was created by subdividing a square.

When a grid system is carried into walls and ceiling areas it possible to systematically place objects in a space.