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QUESTION: How do I go about getting into a gallery?

A good strategy for finding a gallery is to first look at the kind of art that galleries show. You’ll find that some focus on watercolor realism, where another may concentrate on minimalist abstraction. A gallery is more likely to be interested in you if your work fits the vision for their gallery. The best process is to send a gallery a slide or CD portfolio of your work. Then call to ask if they arrived and see if they are interested in you. Don’t worry if you are initially rejected, sometimes galleries will contact you even after they have turned you down. Remember that getting a gallery can be slow process, and you should approach it as such.

A few tips that could help: Apply to galleries that are just starting up. Often these galleries have not yet decided on a specific vision. You may want to consider a coop gallery. This is a gallery where the artists are also the owners and they work together in the administration and maintenance of the space. Look for non-profit spaces, too. An established exhibition record is attractive to a gallery.

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