Ralph Larmann

Art Department

University of Evansville

finding verticals Julie LeMonte asked about ways to find where one places verticals when drawing a cube in two-point perspective. She specified that the cube was not at an exact 45 degree angle from the viewer.

There are actually two ways to do this. One is to draw a map and put the object in position as it would be in relation to the viewer. I have diagrammed this in the illustration on the left. The verticals are found by simply drawing vertical lines from the mapped cube through the horizon line. Then arrange the convergences as they seem appropriate to the viewer.

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There is also a way to approximate placement based on observation of a real object. In this particular case, you will need a pencil or straight stick. If you hold up the stick in a horizontal orientation, at arm's length, then close one eye, you can mark the distance from one vertical to another with your thumb. You can then repeat this process for each vertical and adjust according to ratios. For instance, the left side may be 1/2 as large as the right.

updated 07/16/04

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